Enterprise Networking

Our company is lean and keen – but packs a punch when it comes to networking skills and experience.

We have always had a penchant for large networks and big challenges. We continue to advise large enterprise on networking today.

Networking Services

We are skilled at every stage of the ICT delivery chain. We help with your service from conception to procurement to implementation.

Some areas our practice touches on include:

  • Large Enterprise & SME Networking
    • Routing
    • Switching
    • Voice
    • QoS
  • Service Provider Networking
    • BGP
    • MPLS
  • Network Management Systems (NMS)
  • Document Management Systems (DMS)

Security Services

Not only do our deep skills in networking complement our mobility practice, ourĀ  deep knowledge of information security does the same:

  • Firewalls
  • Security Accreditation
  • Remote Access and VPN
  • Identity Access Management (IAS)
  • Penetration Testing & Compliance

Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Cisco ASA, RSA!

Complementary Services

Over our career we have built up a suite of complementary capabilities.

  • Systems Automation
  • Scripting / Programming
  • Platform Customisation
  • Windows Administration
  • Linux & Unix Systems Administration