Enterprise Mobility

Wireless Coverage is the access layer of wireless networking, the network edge.

Enterprise Mobility is everything else.

End-to-End Wireless Services

This is what we love, and what we do best. Putting it altogether.

  • Designing end-user services to match your business requirements
  • Delivering those services:
    • Building out your wireless environment
    • Integrating Wi-Fi with the enterprise network
    • Integrating the service with other network services & appliances
    • Implementing network security policy
    • Implementing enterprise mobile management such as MDM
    • Delivering securing applications and securing corporate data
    • Providing rich reporting and intelligence about your users and your environment

Authentication, Authorisation & Accounting (AAA)

  • Identifying devices & users
  • Authenthenticating
  • Determining network security policy
  • Endpoint Profiling
  • Rich Logging and Security Auditing
  • Application Delivery
  • On-boarding and Bring-Your-Own-Device
  • Endpoint Security, and
  • Network Access Control (NAC)

We are experts in Aruba’s Clearpass Policy Manager!

Enterprise Mobile Management

EMM is a catch-all phrase for everything an enterprise needs to deal with mobile revolution happening in your organisation.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Identity Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Content Management

We have experience in multiple platforms, from MobileIron to AirWatch!

Location Services

“The world’s most forward-thinking businesses are realising something important – their Airspace is one of their most valuable assets.”

– Dominic Orr, CEO, Aruba Networks

Airspace must be managed and protected – but it can also be leveraged. Your Wi-Fi network can provide your users a valuable service and your business valuable information. Location services leverage a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth beacon infrastructure.

  • Services:
    • Blue dot apps
    • Way-finding
    • Proximity-based content delivery
    • Location tracking
    • Location analytics
    • Integrate with your existing business intelligence to provide more complete data about your customers
  • Use Cases:
    • Museums and galleries
    • Shopping Centres
    • Health and Aged Care


Here we have very broad skills and interests. A typical wireless service may involve at least 7 different vendors and/or appliances end-to-end. Every deployment is different, and we are used to dealing with new situations and integrating with whatever we find.

We draw on our experience and expertise with large and complex networks – a retail/SOHO services provider would likely be out of their depth here.