Our Mission

Airxperts’ mission is to be a premier resource to enable mobile networking solutions for our clients. We excel at understanding your requirements and designing enterprise-grade Wi-Fi and mobility solutions. We deliver function and scalability for our client and their users.

Wi-Fi and smartphones have transformed every industry and it has become mission critical for businesses to adapt to this change in technology. It’s essential to implement enterprise-grade mobile infrastructure capability, supporting highly-available but secure ICT services.

This is where Airxperts come in.  Our focus on mobility and deep background in all aspects of enterprise networking allows us to adapt to any requirement and to deliver a next-generation network that not only meets expectations, but has a higher return on investment than traditional network access technologies.

“When we started as BGC IT Solutions in 2013, we had some notion of an existing skills gap in the Wi-Fi industry, but even I didn’t anticipate the demand – and opportunity – for expertise across the sector.

Now, as Airxperts, we are even more focused in providing the complete spectrum of services in enterprise mobility.  From the access layer to the application.

But we haven’t forgotten our roots in large enterprise networking either. Despite our specialisation in mobility, we continue to provide networking expertise as a specialist systems integrator.”

Ben Carbery
Principal Engineer | Director